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Enjoy a short trip at Otaru in past and present!

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about the game

You can enjoy a lot of beautiful monochrome photographs of old streets at Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. They are "Hyogo Collection" that is consisted of mode tha 5,000 photos that Katsundo Hyogo, a photogorapher who lived in Sapporo had taken them between 1975 and 1978, and the bereaved donated Otaru Musium after his death. We began the game project for introduction of this important "heritage" and attractions of Otaru.

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about NPO EgaO

NPO EgaO is founded in April, 2014 for the porpose of revitalization of Otaru bystudents of Otaru University of Commerce and citizens. We are introducing the attractive cites and history of Otaru to the world.

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